iOS 6 Review

iOS 6 is the current Apple OS for the whole range of iDevices and, I have to say, it’s a remarkable improvement on iOS 5. At first when I looked at the differences, I was apalled at the fact they had removed the stock YouTube app (which was very slow and boring). But when I delved deeper into the actual remaining apps, I found minor improvements that led to a better user experience overall. I particularly liked the touch of colour added to the status bar when swiching to apps such as iMessages or Nike+ Trainer and it made the staus bar seem like part of the app rather than an outsider allowed to hang around at the top of the screen. Another aspect that I also liked was the revamped iTunes and App Store applications with a new UI and layout that provides easier navigation around the different pages. There is a tiny problem on the iTunes Store, however, which is that the label for the TV Programmes is squished up and overlaps the letters. The weather app has been given a makeover and now looks more professional and clean,

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