Review: Sky – A Minimal Weather App (Free)

Sky - A Minimal Weather AppEver feel that the stock iOS Weather App could be so much better? It’s dark, cluttered, slow and difficult to use. The app I’m going to be recommending to you today is exactly the  opposite. It’s called Sky.
As soon as I saw this app, I knew it would be good. It had a clean, minimalistic UI with an uncluttered layout of information. Initially, you are met with very little to set up, just let it use your location, and that’s pretty much it! I was suprised at how simple it was. Perhaps slightly too simple…
Main App ScreenSlide down to refresh, hold to add locations and swipe left and right to change between them. Not many, eh? I, personally feel like there should be a couple more, maybe a two-finger swipe to change time of day?

The app consists of one screen dedicated to telling you the weather (sun, cloud, rain, snow, storms). Half the screen is taken up by the current weather of that day, with a section spanning the bottom of the screen giving a forecast for the next four days (see image to the right). There is one aspect of the app that most of you probably won’t notice. The background changes colour according to the temperature (the bluer, the colder and the redder, the hotter) which I think’s a very nice touch.

And that’s really it! Nothing else to it. Like I said at the beginning of this review.  A clean, simple, intuitive, free app that’s definitely worth getting.

Sky – Minimal Weather:
Available on the App Store!

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