Review: NFS Hot Pursuit (Xbox version)

Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit is a 2010 racingvideo game developed by British games developer Criterion Games and published by EA. Hot Pursuit is the sixteenthNeed for Speed title and was released in November 2010. Hot Pursuit’s gameplay is set in the fictional Seacrest County, in which players can compete in several types of races. Players can also compete online, which includes additional game modes such as Hot Pursuit, Interceptor and Race.

Now I know that NFS Hot Pursuit is a few years old now, but I felt like it needed to be recognised, so I wrote this review about it. I will be outlining the good and the bad points about the game.

Good Stuff:

-Stunning Graphics. Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit has some of the best graphics in a racing game that I’ve ever seen. It looked so real to me that I was completely immersed in the game for hours!
-No Lag. As soon as I saw the graphics on Hot Pursuit, I started thinking,’And here comes the lag…’ So I was suprised when I found myself playing it for ages with no signs of the framerate dropping.
-Loads of Cars. Hot Pursuit definitely provides on the car front. With 80 different cars to wreak havoc in, I wasn’t dissapointed.
-Play as Cops and Racers. Throughout the you are given the option to play as both sides, the crime-busting cops and the street racers. I thiought this option was a great idea and I spent ages just trying to smash into the police when I was meant to be winning a race.

Bad Stuff:

-Poor Storyline. The storyline for Hot Pursuit isn’t going to win any awards for detail, in the sense tht all you do is receive missions that you have to complete (be it racing or police work).
-EA Account required to access online stuff. As soon as I started the game I was prompted to create an EA account so I coould access all the extra online features. At first I thought,”Oh no, not another account I have to remember! I’ll skip it…” Then, around a quarter way into the game I realised that having an EA account would actually give me access to useful stuff such as being able to challenge my friends or race online. So naturally I ended up giving away my spam email to EA in return for me being able to race against my friends and challenge the top players on the leader boards.
Only Single-player.The biggest downside to Hot Pursuit (in my opinion) is the annoying lack of splitscreen playing. I have no idea how many times I have wanted to play Hot Pursuit with one of friends, only to remember that I can’t.


Overall, Need for Hot Pursuit is an amazing game with amazing graphics that I would definitelt recommend getting. It’s fast, furious and a really enjoyable experience (for one person) that will keep you entertained for hours while you smash your way through roadblocks and boost your way to victory.

‘Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit’ gets 4 stars!

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