Nintendo announce…the 2DS!

Earlier this week, video games and console company Nintendo announced their newest product, the Nintendo 2DS. The lack of a clamshell hinge (Nintendo’s signature design) has left many people understandably confused, it does seem like a step backward on the gaming front.

The 2DS from all angles!

There is some method in Nintendo’s madness however.┬áThe 2DS has been designed especially for the younger age group of gamers (more specifically, children of 7 years or over).┬áThe 3D feature on the 3DS is meant for children of 7 years and over due to the harm it can do to less developed eyes. Of course, for those who didn’t care about 3D in the first place this is no issue as the 3DS allows you to turn off (and keep off) the feature completely. Also, the lack of a hinge means that there’s no chance of it being broken by young hands. A plus, I think you’ll agree.

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