Gameboy Advance Emulator for iOS, NO JAILBREAK!!!

As many of you may already know, one of the benefits of jailbreaking is the wide variety of Console emulators one can download. Now you can enjoy these benefits on non-jailbroken devices as well, and I’m going to tell you how!

Step 1: Head over to on your iDevice.

Step 2: Follow the instructions on their site.


Step 3: Once the app has installed, open it up and tap the search icon in the top right corner of your screen. This should take you to a google search page.

Step 4: Once you have downloaded the ROM you want to download, tap “Open in…” and select “GBA4iOS”

Step 5: Enjoy your newly downloaded Gameboy Advance Game!


EDIT: has been hut down so you can now find the ROMs here:

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  • ScubaEngineer

    it doesnt appear in my appp

  • ScubaEngineer

    where’s the open in thing