Review: Sennheiser CX 175 in-ear headphones

  • Comfortable fit
  • Very light
  • Good sound quality
  • Reasonable price
      • Wire is a bit thin
      • Slightly awkward audio jack

I was given these earphones as a present for Christmas and so far I’ve been really impressed with them. The offer great sound quality despite being quite small and very light. The buds fit perfectly into my ear and don’t ever feel like they are going to fall out.

The Good

The CX 175s were very comfortable, due to the three different sized buds I could choose from. They fitted snugly and didn’t hurt after a long use (my choice of music however, did). The sound quality was full, with good treble being played and it almost sounded like a proper set of headphones. I found not issues when wearing the earphones and I thought the wire was a perfect length, not pulling the buds out of my ears due to being too short, but not leaving too much excess wire when I wore them.

The Not So Good

The CX 175s weren’t all perfect however, as I soon realised. I found the bass a bit weak for my liking, only really hearing it when physically pressing the buds into my ears, which isn’t the best way to use earphones (UPDATE: I may have been slightly too harsh on these earphones because, after a couple of weeks of use I found that the bass quality had dramatically risen! Maybe they took time to wear in…). I also thought the audio jack was a weird shape. Being used to a straight audio jack, I found having it at a right angle to my iPod made it slightly more difficult when putting it in my pocket. This issue is probably more down to personal opinion than a technical fault. Lastly I would have liked the audio wire to have been made of a slightly thicker wire, making it feel sturdier and stronger (another issue down to personal taste).

The Verdict

Light, sturdy and providing above average sound, the Sennheiser CX 175s are a great piece of kit.
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