Review: VVVVVV

Yesterday, I was browsing the Steam Holiday sale when I saw a game called VVVVVV available for 39p!

I had a look at it and it seemed good so I bought it, thinking that it was fairly likely to be awful, and that if it was it wouldn’t really matter because it wasn’t exactly high-budget. Once it had downloaded, I opened it up and was greeted by a 8-bit retro spaceship having what looked like an emergency, with pixellated figures running around trying to save the ship.

The protagonist was teleported to an unknown space station nearby, and a window appeared explaining the controls. I started playing, and as I was playing I started to notice that the soundtrack was absolutely awesome and I couldn’t resist boogying along to the music a bit – it was the best 8-bit music I’ve ever heard! I got fairly far and I realised the game had the perfect combination of difficulty and epicness, with the course being difficult but just about easy enough for you to get past each section with a bit of practice and luck.

Overall, I recommend VVVVVV to anyone looking for a cheap game to play. And no, I don’t know why it’s called that.

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