Review: Mighty Quest for Epic Loot

Are you an adventurer ready to loot castles and defy attackers? If so, The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot is the game for you! This game by Ubisoft has just been released into open beta and it is completely free to play, without the nasty microtransactions that it had during closed beta.

The game is split into two halves, Attack and Defend. The attack section is made up of attacking other peoples castles by battling minions and dodging traps. During theses sections you can find loot to upgrade your character and find the two types of in game currency, Gold and Lifeforce. The combat uses MMO style attacks and plays like a casual Diablo, utilizing the 1, 2, 3, keys and the two mouse buttons, you can choose which skills you use and upgrade them as you level up. The other section is defence. In this section you create traps and minions in order to stop your own castle being looted as well as upgrading your castle. This is the section in which you spend your well looted gold. The customization is in depth but still very easy to use and it’s  fun finding new ways to annoy friends that might attack your castle.

You can change how the game plays by selecting one of the three main classes which level up independently (the Mage being really overpowered).  When battling, you may pick up weapons or armour which you can then equip to your character, thereby giving them an advantage over others.

My Opinion
The game is still in beta, with the Devs trying to iron out problems. One of hese is the balancgin, it being much easier to attack a castle than to defend your own (unless you use some of the more overpowered minions). The tutorial is helpful and also carries on the humor that is held throughout the game. I advise playing this game with a mouse equipped with macro keys, but if you don’t, it still plays fine with a bog-standard keyboard. The combat in this game is great and I advise it to someone who enjoys hack n’ slash games but also likes to create and build.

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