Side by side comparison of the two phones

Getting a new phone!

Side by side comparison of the two phones
Which phone would you choose?

So after two years of using an HTC Wildfire S as my phone, I’m finally able to get an upgrade! At the moment I am looking at two possible phones: The Motorola Moto G 4G and the HTC Desire 610. I know they’re not top-of-the-line flagship smartphones, but just by looking at their specs, they actually give an iPhone 5S a run for its money.

Moto G 4g

Motorola’s Moto G 4g entered the smartphone market as an affordable device that would challenge other phones of a similar level. Motorola stripped the Moto G of all unnecessary packaging and novelties to keep the phone cheap, powerful and simple. Just because the Moto G’s essentials have been stripped down doesn’t mean it not a good phone. Underneath the hood you’ll find a Quad-core 1200 MHz Snapdragon 400 processor, 5 MP camera and a 2070 mAh. It sports a screen arguably better the a 5S’s, coming in a 326 ppi (3 ppi more the the iPhone’s). It runs stock Android, meaning it should get the latest updates sooner than other phones like the Galaxy S5 or the One M8. This also means I can experience Google’s new ‘Material Design’ when Android L is released to the public. So all-in-all, the Moto G is a great option that will stay updated for a long time to come.

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HTC Desire 610

The Desire 610 is HTC’s attempt at making a budget (but still powerful) smartphone. It has exactly the same processor specs as the Moto G, but has a slightly smaller battery, coming in  at 2040 mAh and a better camera (8 MP). The screen is really where you would notice the change, as the Desire 816 only has a resolution of 234 ppi, which is measly in comparison to the Moto G. The phone runs HTC Sense 6 Android, which personally I love, mainly down to the simple design and intuitiveness.

Help me decide!

Think you know which phone is better? Take part in my poll at: and who knows, maybe I’ll end up using the you voted for!

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