Tasker is awesome!

Why I Love Tasker (and some useful profiles)

So if you didn’t know already, Android has some pretty cool feeature straight out of the bag, but what if you want a little bit more? What if you wanted your passcode disabled when you’re at home, or your phone to automatically silence itself between 10:00pm and 7:00am?

That’s where Tasker comes in. Tasker enables you to completely automate your phone (and other things) to make life easier for yourself. For this reason alone, Tasker is my Number 1 app on the Play Store.

Why I love it

The main reason I’m such a huge Tasker fan is because (in my opinion) the dev has managed to include a ton of features in the app whilst still keeping it simple and user friendly. All the options and settings are laid out in easy-to-understand menus, and setting up a profile merely involves dragging and dropping these options into place.

Even though Tasker is relatively easy to use, you can still create incredibly complex profiles that can automate your entire house (I’ve seen one that can unlock your front door if you’re expecting company). So in that way, literally anyone can use Tasker, although there is quite a steep learning curve between these two levels.

My favourite profiles

In Tasker any of the autmatic tasks you create are called ‘profiles’. You can also group these profiles into separate sections called ‘Projects’, allowing you to do very complex things on your phone using multiple connected profiles. So without further ado, here is a list of my favourite Tasker profiles.

1. Turn Passcode off when connected to Home WiFi

This profile only does one thing, but that one thing is incredibly useful. It disables your phone’s passcode when you’re connected to you Home WiFi. It’s the sort of profile where you don’t realise how helpful it is until it doesn’t work (if that made any sense…). Anyway, it’s a great little security profile that just speeds up the use of your phone.

2. Specific Auto-rotate2014-10-20 11.21.42

Don’t you just hate how the the auto-rotate feature on your phone makes it impossible to use an app holding your phone in any position but portrait? This profile takes care of that by detecting when you are in an app where you have specified auto-rotate to be on, and turning it on. It then cleverly disables the feature when you exit the app, letting you other apps without auto-rotate.

3. Read SMSs aloud if I have headphones in

This is really useful when I’m walking home with my headphones it as it lets me dicde whether the text is worth getting my phone out to reply to or not. My phone notify me who the text is from and then read the contents of the message.

2014-10-20 11.21.55

I’ll leave a link to these three profiles below in case you want to use them but in the meantime, if you haven’t got Tasker yet, I highly recommend you put it on your Todo list.

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