Motorola announces build-your-own-phone project ‘Ara’


Imagine a phone where every component is changeable or upgradable. That’s what Motorola run ‘Project Ara’ aims to create. Google-owned phone firm Motorola has announced plans to develop a modular phone where every aspect of it is customisable. Users can buy a basic phone chassis and add modules to it, such as keyboards, processors or … Read more

Samsung unveils the the Galaxy Round: the world’s first curved display smartphone


Earlier this week, Samsung unveiled the world’s first curved display smartphone. They apptly named it the ‘Galaxy Round’. The phone incorporates a unique 5.7-inch AMOLED screen, making it the same size a the recently launched Galaxy Note 3. Weighing in at 154g and meausring 7.9mm thick, the official Samsung Tomorrow Blog described it as providing … Read more

Apple shows what iOS 7 will look like on iPad and iPad Mini

After revealing iOS 7 at their most recent WWDC, Apple left many questions to be answered about the latest version of iOS.¬†When Apple showed off iOS they did it all with the iPhone, which led people to question if the iPad OS would have something slightly different. However, these rumours have been flattened with the … Read more