Apple’s WWDC 2013


Apple’s heavily anticipated WWDC 2013 is literally right around the corner. In just 20 minutes it will commence, announcing new things from iOS 7 to the iPhone 5S/6! Sciencesofa will be writing a huge article on this so visit later to see a full summary of this event. Meanwhile, why not check out When Is … Read more

Minecraft PE Update!!!

Minecraft Pocket Edition for iOS and Android has finally been updated! Earlier this morning an app update was issued, opening up new content for fans of this amazing game. The update brought stuff like: – Buckets – Smooth Lighting – Milk – Spawn Eggs in Creative Mode and… – CAKE!!! Unfortunately, there is still no … Read more

Review: Sky – A Minimal Weather App (Free)

Ever feel that the stock iOS Weather App could be so much better? It’s dark, cluttered, slow and difficult to use. The app I’m going to be recommending to you today is exactly the  opposite. It’s called Sky. As soon as I saw this app, I knew it would be good. It had a clean, … Read more

IllumiRoom – Turns Your Living Room Into A Gaming Environment

IllumiRoom is a new project that turns your living room into a gaming environment. A wide angle projector displays images on to your furniture to extend the game out of the TV. IllumiRoom can transform the room and provide illusions which can trick your eyes into thinking the room is moving. It can do things … Read more

Microsoft Create Funny Apple vs Samsung Ad, Telling You To Choose Nokia Lumia

Microsoft and Nokia are well behind Android and iOS when it comes to market share. They know they have to do something different and that’s what they did bringing out Windows Phone with it’s unique Metro style. The Metro style has also now become a huge trend in the design community, who knows if Microsoft … Read more