How To: Access all drafts across email accounts.

Have you ever wondered where that half-finished email to your accountant went, or where your draft email to your university. Can’t remember which accounts these drafts were on? I bet you didn’t know that there was a way to show every single draft from all your different email accounts in one place! This little how … Read more

We7 Radio: Pandora for the UK?

For ages, people in Britain have been annoyed at the fact that Pandora Radio isn’t available in the UK App Store. Well now something different to (and dare I say better than) Pandora has taken the opportunity to show itself to a whole new part of the internet radio market! This service comes in the form … Read more

Google needs testers…and £1000!

Google have recently announced that they are now accepting applications for Google Glass testers! The technology must be nearly ready because they have dropped the word “Project” from it’s official title. Google Glass is basically a smartphone embedded into a pair of glasses. It projects an image onto a persons eye and is completely hands-free, … Read more

Android 5.0 “Key Lime Pie” Release Date

Recently, Google announced that Google IO (its next developer conference) will take place from 15th May to 17th May 2013, a month earlier than 2012’s June dates. Seeing as Google announced Android 4.1 at 2012’s IO Conference, it wouldn’t be unreasonable to expect to see Android 5.0 (Codename: Key Lime pie) at this year’s event! … Read more

How to: Install Siri on iPhone 4/iPod Touch 4

Just a few more taps…there we go! “Siri, what movies are showing at the cinema tonig-”, Oh hi guys! Sorry, I was just installing Siri on my iPod Touch. It’s pretty easy actually; all you need is a jailbroken iDevice without Siri and Cydia. You know what? I’ll just tell you in full detail… What … Read more